: : a group of people with common characteristic, occupation, purpose : :

  • Alex Bowman

    Through the elegance and restraint of a bluesy limited palette, Alex illustrates the spectrum of things female.

    - Alex Bowman
  • a l i s e   a n d e r s o n

    Alise conjures compelling mixed and multi-media works inspired by her inner world – thorny, tender and sweet

    - a l i s e a n d e r s o n
  • Casey Stevens

    Some people make art by putting a frame around powerful stuff that is here but unnoticed.  Prepare to be transported.

    - Casey Stevens
  • Kristen Oswald – Semilla Botanica

    In touch with the elements.  A moon howling, medicine making, native Californian.  Creating to heal, build community and to more sensitively understand the world.

    - Kristen Oswald – Semilla Botanica
  • Geana Sieburger – gdsclothgoods

    This woman’s work : the business of origin, fit, and fabric feeling really good in your hands. Get ready to covet.

    - Geana Sieburger – gdsclothgoods
  • Rose Costello

    Have you ever encountered a person whose striking existence begs to be its own art form?  One. Woman. Show.

    - Rose Costello
  • Elizabeth Redmond

    Adding artistry and flair to all things.  Product maker, seamstress, illustrator, scientist, cook, construction worker, web designer and plant whisperer.  But best of all, she champions those around her.  Take a look.

    - Elizabeth Redmond
  • Lanie Gannon

    Where to begin!?  The beginning.  In the year 2000, I decided to model my womanhood after this incredible person/artist/thinker.  Peruse a small portion of her magic.

    - Lanie Gannon
  • Erica Morton Magill

    The largest of hearts.  Erica just built a brand new love shack, Los Angeles Yoga Club .  See for yourself.

    - Erica Morton Magill
  • Orlie K.

    She’s snack and cat-centric.  And oh so talented with a pen.  Delve deep into her mindscape on Instagram. 

    - Orlie K.
  • Maria Schoettler

    As delightful, full of joy, as the imagery she creates.  She’s inspired by everything in nature.  I’m inspired by her goodness.


    - Maria Schoettler
  • Emma Lipp

    A woman of great fortitude.  Effortlessly rocks a sundress and hightops.  Everything her wooden spoon touches – delicious.  Follow her food adventures on Instagram.

    - Emma Lipp
  • Chelsey Dyer

    So on top of it.  Focused and driven.  But how she communicates with color and line -truly remarkable.

    - Chelsey Dyer