From a studio space in Oakland, California, Leah Tumerman carves out narrative scenes on canvas, taking cues from intuitively applied under-paintings.  Working predominately with highly pigmented acrylics,  Leah watches for the emergence of figurative subject matter and then edits, often employing drawing materials, towards an oblique finish. She revels in the implied relationship between forms based on physical posture and placement alone, abstracting the form to equalize and universalize.

The top is not the top.  In Leah’s paintings, there is no implied hierarchy and figures exist on the same plane. The male is a mountain, one on top of another and the female, the non-conforming, more of a field.  Here they can be found in collaboration, communicating with secret languages, creating anti-linear structures or attending intentional gatherings.  Often, it it is unclear where one figure starts and another begins and this, is belonging.  Leah posits the question, does the female collective exist solely within idealism? And then constructs images to combat the ‘divided feminine’ – or the externally imposed, hierarchal division.  A literal prioritizing of the female body results in a reclamation of the narrative.

Leah Tumerman is also primed for efforts in Art Education & Mural Translation (translating any artist’s work to a large scale and/or public space).  Contact her for CV and inquiry. 




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                         Before the Bay

Belmont University, Nashville, Studio Art & Education, Painting Emphasis BFA 2005

The School of the Art Institute of Chicago, Creative Writing, Text/Image Hybridity MFAW 2008


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e x h i b i t i o n / s o l o

Baana, SF,  January – April 2018  leisure

The Mill, SF, May of 2017  invisible string

18 Reasons, San Francisco CA 2016  hunter/gatherer

FIDO Nashville TN 2012  for the sea lies all around us

e x h i b i t i o n / g r o u p

3rd Street Village, San Francisco CA 2017  you have a voice

Project Gallery, Los Angeles CA 2016  illustrative minds

Kitty Hawk Gallery, Sebastopol CA 2015  two hundred show

Abrams Claghorn, Albany CA 2015-present

SOMA Cultural Arts, San Francisco CA 2014

Gallery 121, Nashville TN 2012

Loyola University Mundelein Center for the Arts, 2011

Ainsworth Gallery, Joliet IL 2011  i dreamt, i dream

G2 Chicago IL 2007

Galleria Gianonne, Forte Di Marmi, IT 2006


a w a r d s / h o n o r s

Vermont Studio Center Resident November-December 2018

Visit Oakland Public Art Grant 2017/2018

Feature in Maker’s Magazine July 2017 :: ISSUE 4

Feature in SF Magazine April 2017, The Future is Communal

SFOpen Studios Top Ten Artists to See in 2014, San Francisco, CA

Belmont University Writing Award 2005

Frank Leu Russel III Scholarship for Outstanding Artist 2003